Creating a more sustainable and resilient Canada

Our mission is to remove unconscious bias and empower Canadians and organizations through knowledge and awareness.

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A nice Business landingpage to showcase your business, services and products!

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Business Landing Page

A nice Business landingpage to showcase your business, services and products!

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Unconscious bias is the biggest disabler of diversity, and the number one enemy of innovation. Reducing unconscious bias in any organization or workplace is essential to diversity and inclusion, improves culture and most importantly leads to belonging.  

By providing resources to candidates and organizations they develop awareness that removes outdated, non-inclusive practices and leads to everyone having a fair chance and greater opportunity.

Startup Kit packed with nice features

This Webflow Startup Kit comes packed with nice features such as homepage variations, re-usable sections, other interesting pre-designed page layouts, contact forms, sliders - you name it!
Homepage variations

The Startup Kit comes with 8 ready to use homepage variations. Of course you can rearrange them the way you'd like!

Re-usable sections

Be creative! Puzzle the different sections around and take sections from one page to another to create unique layouts!


Don't worry about the responsive part. We already did that! Be sure to do your own checks after you did customization though.

Re-usable Symbols

We created a few nice symbols for you to use around the site, such as different Navigation bars and Footers!

Page Layouts

We created a lot of nice page layouts such as variations on contact pages, team pages, portfolio overviews and more.


And finally; just enjoy and be creative! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Increase your awareness and knowledge
Discover resources that lead to solutions
Find tools to navigate challenges
Connect with organizations that believe in fair chance hiring


Remove unconscious bias
Enhance informed decision making
Awareness of candidate challenges
Create a culture of inclusion, diversity and belonging

Comes with ready to use UI elements.

Don't worry about all the standard needed UI elements. We've taken care of them. Just select the ones you need!

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